Detail Masters offers various window tinting services. Whether you want tint to reduce sun glare, increase visibility from the inside out or even to help hold shattered glass in place then we got you covered.

Possibly one of the most popular services to be done to vehicles, new old and alike. This service can provide you with my benefits over your factory clear windows. Here at Detail Masters we use nothing but the finest window tint, LLumar offers 4 options that we cary, varying in price and quality depending on what you are looking for.


What is important to remember, regardless of the grade you decide to go with, they all serve the same basic service, and that is to provide privacy, all while protecting your interior. Especially here in Florida, knocking out that constant sunlight and UV rays will lengthen the life of your cloth, leather, and most importantly your dashboard. Ever go into an older car to see that vinyl and plastic up front dry and cracking? That is from the constant beating it takes from the elements and UV. On top of all of this, blocking the sun and the UV will allow your car to remain cooler in the sun, so you have to worry less about that leather getting hot, or your AC seemingly just not getting the job done. Ride around in style and comfort with our lines of LLumar window tinting.

LLumar ATC - Starting at just $99 for your two front windows, and $225 for your whole car, this is LLumar's most popular and standard tint. The ATC series is a Color-Stable Dyed window tint, meaning that you are going to get everything you want out of it, including the shade or color you are looking for. This product is great for heat rejection, privacy, and style. It comes in many different percentages varying from 50% light pass all the way down to 5%. Meaning we can sort out your show car with the level you desire, or your daily to comply with your local standards. A more budget friendly option that will leave you happy.

LLumar CTX - Starting at $130 for your two frontwindows, and $290 for your whole car, the CTX brand is a clear upgrade overyour standard ATC tint. CTX tinting is a ceramic tint that does everything theATC does, but better. The ceramic make up of the tint does an exceptional jobof also blocking IR waves and the overall energy consumption of your car. Thismeans that even less light gets in, even less heat is transferred and you andyou get even more protection for your interior components. Cermaic tint alsotends to be a bit more thick and durable, eliminating any risks of tears ordeteriation over time, a fantastic option to leave you satisfied for years tocome. With the same range visible light transmission you can choose the exactlevel that you desire.

LLumar IRX - Starting at $160 for your two front windows, and $350 for yourwhole car, the IRX brand is the elite version of LLumar film blocking UV rays,sunlight, and near 100% of all IR rays. This means you are getting the utmostprotection from all the element, the absolute most heating dissipitation, andany harmful waves to you or your beloved vehicle. Leading the Llumar tints inall categories, this is the level you choose if you do not want to cut anycorners and get the most complete package of tinting.


Detail Masters offers various window tinting services such as anti-glare, or ceramic window film installation, and many more. Meet with our specialists to see which tinting services are best for you.