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Car Paint Protection Film is the most comprehensive form of defense you can establish between your car and all that can damage your car’s appearance. Because of Paint Protection Film’s high impact resistance, its application will protect your paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris. The urethane film is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants, meaning that it creates a line of defense from chemicals staining and etching caused by bird droppings, bug splatter, or mineral deposits and acid rain.

It does not oxidize with exposure to the sun and will guard your paint from fading caused by UV rays. The top layer of a quality film is made up of elastomeric polymers that return to their natural shape after being stretched or disfigured, giving the film a “self-healing” property. That means when light scratches are inflicted in the film, it absorbs the damage and returns to the texture and properties it had before the incident.

Paint Correction Assessment

Before applying the paint protection film, we assess the vehicle for any paint correction it may need in order to maximize the product potential. We prep all vehicles beforehand with our paint correction polishing process. Minor vehicle scratches and car wash swirls can be an eyesore. Detail Masters paint correction polishing process eliminates minor scratches, swirl marks, hazing, and clear coat flaws using specialized equipment that will restore your vehicle's shine. In no time, your vehicle will be looking like new. Our process is different on every paint job. They can vary in hardness, thickness, and depth of imperfections.


Keep your car looking better for longer. Ask about our many paint protection packages offered.