This entire journey started back in the early years of 2011, working out of a single van with a very dedicated team, the roots of the company we now call "Detail Masters" were formed. The mantra for our business was pretty simple, there would be no job too big, no job too small for us to fully decidicate our services to providing top notch service, and customer satisfaction. Through countless years of experience, and perfecting of his skills, Christian Cuevas, the founder and owner of Detail Masters quicking became an expert in his craft. Throughout the years he has added to his wonderful and experienced team, including many of his own family, and others with the same drive and passion that he and his team share. This has allowed him to create a wholesome environment surrounded by a crew that is some of the best detailing talent here in Orlando. Washing your car in Orlando will never feel the same once you give us a chance to wow you, the first time, the next time, and the last time.



What once started as a single van business has grown in to something far superior, we now offer many different services all under one roof, and if you cannot make it to us, then our equally talented and wonderful employees will come out to you, saving you time and worry about leaving your daily responsibilities. Detail Masters takes pride in their mobile car wash and detail, allowing them to provide ALL of the same services that you can get in-house, in the comfort of your own home, condo, or place of business, all we need is your location, and a set of keys! Have a little more time? Need a little more love and care done to your vehicle? Stop by and check out our endless lists of services that we can provide in house. Specializing in paint repair, polishing, ceramic coating as well as full Paint Protection Film (PPF) application. We have every option you need to restore and preserve your investment for years to come!
All of our work in shop is conducted under a very bright and sophisticated set of lighting, allowing us to see every imperfection, issue, and problem that may not be visible to the naked eye, or under the day's sunlight, be assured that no box will go unchecked when we take care of your prized possesion. Need something a bit fancier? We also provide services that include window tinting, vinyl wraps, chrome deletes, and a plethora of other cosmetic additions that you can add to your car, if you have a request, it is likely that we can fulfill that need and get your car back out looking exactly how you want it to!



We know not everyone has the time of the day to be sitting around the shop waiting for work to be completed, relax in our lobby with high speed internet, and get to work on your laptop, check out the parking lot for our friendly taco truck and treat yourself to some nice eats to keep you satisfied, or feel free to talk to us and watch us do the work through our 8 foot clear window that allows you to feel like you are apart of the process. We want you to feel like you are at home, and we want to assist you in any way possible.Cannot stick around? If we have the availibility someone from the shop is always willing to drop you off where you need to go, or better yet if you need to run accross the town, we have a multitude of cars available for you to rent, via private rental, turo or more. We want you to feel like you are in control of your options! At the end of the day your satisfaction is our number 1 priority, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you leave happy with your service, and happy with our customer service. We love the job that we do, and truly enjoy providing this service the the Central Florida community.


Reasons to Work with Us

  • We have over a decade of Car detailing experience as a company, and far more on a personal basis.
  • If you are not satisfied with our work, we are not satisfied with workmanship. All work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we will stand behind regardless of your concerns.

Industry Partnerships

Innovation and Quality Control

  • We treat every car with the same level of care, passion and attention to detail, whether it be your daily driver, or your exotic sports car. Know that it will be treated as if we were detailing one of our very own..
  • We stay ahead of the game with state of the art printing systems allowing us to cut vehicle specific diagrams for all of your PPF and tinting needs (no more cutting and guessing!).
  • We test any and all products on our own vehicles before they ever touch a customer's car, we don't want to use any product on your vehicle that we wouldn't trust with our own. All products are extensively tested in house.
  • We are constantly growing our partnerships with the biggest suppliers to make sure we always have the newest, most innovative, and efficient products that we can offer for your vehicle. We will never cut corners to save a buck and want your vehicles to be cleaned and serviced with nothing but the best, by the best. Trust us to use high quality durable products to clean and preserve your vehicle.

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