Headlights have one job – to light up the road during adverse visibility conditions. Over time, constant UV exposure and impacts will cause the headlights to get scratched, foggy, or hazy. When this happens, the light does not escape the headlights like before, which reduces your visibility as you drive as well as passenger safety. If you notice that your headlights just aren’t as clear as before, stop by our shop for a headlight restoration resurfacing service.

Do my headlights need to be resurfaced?

Here are the symptoms of headlights needing resurfacing:

  • The plastic is yellowing, grayish, foggy, or hazy
  • The plastic hard coat is scratched, worn, scuffed or full of abrasions
  • Light simply doesn’t pass through the plastic

  • There is no single other thing you could do that would have a bigger impact on the appearance and safety of your vehicle. We provide professional headlight restoration so that you can have new car headlights again. This is much more than a headlight cleaning; it's a COMPLETE and lasting restoration!

    Why resurface my headlights as opposed to getting new ones?

    The answer here is pretty simple, obviously you can go out and buy yourself a new pair of headlights, and get the same result. But the reasons not to do so, are very simple. Buying a new pair of headlights will set you back quite a bit more compared to a professional resurface, and that is just the beggining of the cost, next you need to pay a professional to install them and make sure they are working correctly. This is time consuming and unnecessary, in most cases the actual lights inside of plastic do not fail often, meaning that cleaning up your OEM lights will serve the same purpose, costing you less in parts and labor, and saving your valuable time.

    This service can be an add-on to any other services we offer, or done on its own, while detailing your car we can have one of our experts sand, buff, and polish your lights to a brand new like finish, all in less than an hours time. Why stop at just a detail when you can have your entire car looking like it's fresh off the line?