Ceramic Pro is a cutting edge, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating that, when cured, chemically bonds to the surface of your vehicle’s paint job creating a rigid and protective layer superior to traditional wax and other sealants. This coating is incredibly strong and durable and is resistant to solvents - such as the acids in bird droppings- UV rays, harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and micro-abrasions caused by air particles.

What’s even better about this coating is that it’s minimal maintenance. Ceramic Pro coatings last between 6 months to an entire lifetime. That’s up to a lifetime of no more wax and no more worrying about tiny imperfections appearing in your vehicle’s finish.

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Paint Correction Assessment

Before applying the ceramic coat, we assess the vehicle for any paint correction it may need in order to maximize the product potential. We prep all vehicles beforehand with our paint correction polishing process. Minor vehicle scratches and car wash swirls can be an eyesore. Detail Masters paint correction polishing process eliminates minor scratches, swirl marks, hazing, and clear coat flaws using specialized equipment that will restore your vehicle's shine. In no time, your vehicle will be looking like new. Our process is different on every paint job. They can vary in hardness, thickness, and depth of imperfections.


In no time, your vehicle will be looking like new. Ask about our many Ceramic Packages offered.